Workout Supplements for the Paleo Athlete & Body Builder

I became a serious weight lifter in 2012, around the time I was starting my holistic health journey and was just starting to learn what the paleo diet and the Naturopathic lifestyle were all about. My thought was, "If I'm going to completely revamp my diet, I may as well use this opportunity to also revamp my physique." At the time, I was just starting to recover from lifelong digestive, menstrual, and energy problems. I had gone from taking 2 Immodium, 4 Advil, and drinking an entire pot of coffee every single morning before work just to FUNCTION, to feeling normal and almost completely symptom-free. Despite feeling better, my body was still a work in progress. I was 5'4", about 110 lbs, wi

5 Simple Ways to Convince a Restless Brain to SLEEP

Insomnia is a condition that tends to build upon itself in a vicious cycle and often gets started due to a "cumulative load" effect. This means that frequently, insomnia doesn't take root due to one individual trigger, but a multitude of different, seemingly innocuous factors that accumulate until a point is reached where the body can no longer compensate and poor sleep results. Unfortunately, once insomnia kicks in, the natural tendency of people to worry that they won't get enough sleep can further exacerbate the problem until it becomes chronic and seemingly permanent. Your anxiety is giving you insomnia, and your insomnia is giving you anxiety. You are stuck in a vicious cycle that makes

The Whole 30 Diet: Tips for Success

Are you getting started on your Whole 30 journey? You couldn't be making a better decision! "The Whole 30" is a way of adopting the Paleolithic diet for 30 days. The "Paleo diet" is theorized to be based on evolutionary principles stating that the earliest humans didn't have access to convenient, processed, and sugar-laden foods that we have today. Rather, early hunter-gatherers consumed diets that, for the most part, consisted of vegetables, fruits, meat, and nuts & seeds (1). While I've heard it argued that the Paleo diet is silly because, "Cavemen died young," the reason for their short longevity is more likely natural selection pressures, like their exposure to the elements, hunger, and

COMT, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain | Individualizing Natural Wellness Series – Part 2

Chronic pain conditions have frustrated doctors and patients alike for decades. Patients suffering from fibromyalgia have perplexed the medical community so intensely that many are written off as hypochondriacs and drug seekers, leaving them frustrated and without relief. It has long been assumed that there is some genetic component to fibromyalgia and a tendency toward chronic pain. Research has recently uncovered some candidates for this genetic connection, and today we will focus on one of these: COMT. COMT is Catechol-o-methyltransferase, the enzyme responsible for regulation of availability of catecholamines (an important group of chemical messengers in your body) through a biochemical

The Autoimmune Disease Series: Five Naturopathic Strategies for Celiac Disease

Overview: Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that results from gluten protein presentation to immune cells and subsequent activation of pro-inflammatory T-cells and production of antibodies against gluten. This process causes destruction of the absorptive lining of the small intestine, called “villous atrophy,” and can lead to malabsorption of various nutrients from the diet. Goals of Naturopathic Strategies: Eliminate gluten-containing grains and other food sensitivities from the diet to stop autoimmune reactivity, calm the immune system via immunomodulation Heal the gut and reduce intestinal permeability to prevent the immune system from encountering proteins like gluten Replace vita

The Autoimmune Disease Series Part 5: The Importance of Vitamin D in Autoimmunity

Current research shows a significant correlation between vitamin D levels and autoimmunity (1.) Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that people typically associate with strong bones, because of its importance in aiding calcium absorption and homeostasis. The active form of vitamin D in the body, calcitriol, is also crucial for normal cellular differentiation, proliferation, and growth. Especially important within the context of this article is the effect of vitamin D on the immune system. Calcitriol has an immunomodulatory effect on cells by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines (chemical messengers) like IL,-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-12, and TNF-alpha, and increasing the production of

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