ND Legitimacy: Is Your "Naturopathic Doctor" the Real Deal?

The topic of legitimacy has been coming up on a fairly regular basis in my office lately. Determining whether a practitioner is a professionally trained ND or what we jokingly refer to as "uNDs" or fake NDs can be difficult when a potential client lives in a state that doesn't regulate or license the field of naturopathic medicine. Search "naturopathic/holistic/alternative medicine" within 20 miles of your house and a veritable cornucopia of websites will be presented to you, variously owned by people on a spectrum from actual naturopathic doctors to individuals who took an 8 week online "naturopathic medicine" course. Since the term naturopathic doctor and ND is not currently protected in t

Naturopathic Medicine & Hypothyroidism: An Alternative Approach to Hashimoto's Disease

When I am asked the question, "What condition do you see most often in your office?" My answer is by far autoimmune hypothyroidism, or Hashimoto's. Why is this? Why are people with hypothyroidism seemingly disproportionately seeking naturopathic care? To make a long story short, naturopathic medicine and Hashimoto's are, in my estimation, simply a good fit. That is, the underlying cause of Hashimoto's disease (autoimmunity) responds surprisingly well to the lifestyle-based interventions like diet and supplementation employed by NDs. We see a wide variety of chronic conditions, most often exhibiting symptoms like fatigue, widespread pain, GI issues, headaches, and mental health symptoms like

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