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New Year - New You

Wellness Program

Need help turning your New Year's

resolution into reality?

Target the root cause of your health problems,

to turn your New Year's resolution into

Your New Life

The Naturopathic Approach

Personally-tailored, sustainable dietary plan
Aerobic and anaerobic exercise program
Sleep optimization
Nutritional Supplementation
Botanical Medicine
Constant support and education for every aspect of the program
The Program Basics
Eight weeks
Six 60 minute visits - In office or online
Dietary tracking via FruitStreet
(Use our phone app to get feedback on every meal!)
Fitness tracking via FruitStreet
(Sync your FitBit to share your data with your Naturopath!)

The Path to Your Healthiest Year Yet

What to expect during each visit

Week One

 Initial Interview

 - 60-90 min comprehensive history
where we listen to your story

Complete Health Assessment

 - 60-90 min review of findings 

Lifestyle change preparation

Health Reset

  • Introduction to the program

  • Focus: Liver detox, healing the gut and decreasing inflammation

Week Two

Week Four

Optimizing the Paleo diet for your health

  • Addition of nutritional and botanical supplements targeted to your goals

  • Exercise strategies that work for you

Week Six

 Adrenal Function Optimization

  • Correcting your stress response to help your body cope and allow weight loss

  • Guidance on how to intensify your exercise program depedent on your progress

Week Eight

  Strategies for long term success

  • Tips, motivation and resources for maintaining your happy, healthy new lifestyle

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