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Naturopathic Genetic Analysis

Using clues from your DNA to tailor our recommendations

to your unique  background and genetic make-up 

The Nutrigenomics Approach

At Advaita Natural Wellness, we use information about every aspect of your life to formulate your wellness plan.
When basic corrections of diet and lifestyle do not result in as large of an impact as we would expect, we look to your DNA for answers.
Using data from 23&Me we analyze your genome for SNPs
(Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms: small genetic changes that may alter function).
This allows our recommendations to be even more personalized than with our extensive intake alone.

More than just a formula

We DO NOT use a "this gene SNP = that supplement" formula.


Our genetic evaluation service stays true to
Naturopathic principles.
Unlike many online genetic evaluation services,
we recognize that 
while your DNA has a large impact on your health,
you are more than the sum of your genes. 
We combine our knowledge of your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, environmental exposures and family history with your genetic data to develop a comprehensive wellness plan, specific to you.

Common Conditions Associated with known SNPs

Brain fog
Social and generalized anxiety
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Sulfate sensitivity
Multiple chemical sensitivity
Multiple Miscarriages
Autism spectrum disorders
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