ANW's Holistic Wellness Programs for Chronic Conditions


12 Weeks

9 sixty minute consultations

Extensive interaction and guidance

***Active duty or retired military, National Guard or Reserve members, Police, Firefighters and EMTs receive a 10% discount on total program cost. 

****Naturopathic genetic analysis may be added on to a comprehensive program for a one-time fee.




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Comprehensive Wellness Program Features

Unrivaled, quality face-to-face time

Depending on the complexity of your case and your goals, your holistic wellness program may last anywhere for 6 to 18 weeks. Many of our clients have become accustomed to the conventional medical system in which they get very limited time with their doctors. They are told to "eat right and exercise," but they aren't sure what that means.  NDs are trained to spend an extended amount of time with their clients to ensure they feel heard, motivated, and confident to make changes.

The initial interview & complete health assessment

Your first two visits (the initial interview & complete health assessment) are meant to get to the root of your symptoms and identify modifiable lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your condition. Your personalized health assessment will give you an overview of what basic interventions should be made in order for you to feel like yourself again. These two preliminary appointments combined cost $250.

Education about your condition & our recommendations

We feel this component of our program is the most essential to your success, and is what sets us apart from other practitioners. Our main goal during our time together is to ensure that you have a complete and detailed understanding of your condition, what may have contributed to it, and what you can do to improve your life and well-being. During our time together we will spend an extensive amount of time discussing your condition, your lifestyle, and answering any questions that you may have. By the time you have completed the program, you will feel empowered to make lasting changes. 

Previous lab work interpretation

If you have previous lab work from another healthcare practitioner, please bring it with you to your first consultation, or upload it to our secure telemedicine server. We will thoroughly review your results from a "functional" standpoint and answer any questions you might have. Since NDs are currently unlicensed in the state of Illinois, we cannot order lab work. However, NDs are trained to make full, functional evaluations of blood work, salivary hormone tests, organic acids tests, stool microbiology tests, and more. We often find that although our clients have their results, they are still unclear about their meaning. This gives us the ability to help you understand your results and what they mean, as well as use your markers as tools to track your improvement.

Flexibility to suit your busy lifestyle and individual needs

We believe that no matter where you are, you should have access to quality Naturopathic medicine! If you are outside of driving distance to our location in Schaumburg, IL, we offer online consultations that will make you feel as if you are physically in our office from the comfort of your own home!  Our clients have the option to choose an in-office or online consultation every time they schedule. We realize that our clients have busy lifestyles and families, and sometimes simply do not feel up to leaving the house.

Constant & consistent feedback both during and between consultations

Even after you leave our office, you will receive consistent feedback on your progress from your ND as well as the ability to ask questions as they come to mind. Our easy to use, iOS & android compatible phone application allows you to chat privately with us online, even outside of office hours.  Need to give us a call and ask a question? No problem. Time spent on the phone or via email answering your questions is rolled into your total program cost. 

Development of goals and milestones that matter to YOU

While we believe that lab work and other diagnostic measures are a very important tool for improving and monitoring your health, it is also essential that you reach goals that matter to you! The most valuable assessment we have for whether or not our recommendations are working is how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, during your first few visits, we will collaborate to set achievable goals in a reasonable timeframe that you can feel confident and excited about.

Custom nutrition & diet plan

During your program, you will undergo a series of dietary protocols specifically designed to help your body heal, culminating in a sustainable, lifelong, healthy habit of eating what is right for you. Do you have dietary restrictions due to food allergies, intolerances, moral, or religious beliefs? Do you have limited options or access to good food? No problem. We will always work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs. At ANW, we believe the lynchpin to our clients’ success is healthy eating habits and a good diet.

Custom fitness & exercise plan

Movement is one of the most crucial components to good health. Discovering exercise that you truly enjoy is essential to creating good fitness habits. We will work with you to develop a personalized fitness plan that makes you feel good. At ANW, we NEVER encourage clients to exercise with a goal to simply “lose weight.” Instead, you will move your body in order to grow stronger, get healthier, and feel amazing. Weight loss is just a side effect! Already in good shape and looking to improve muscle repair, decrease joint soreness, and increase flexibility?  We are happy to help you reach your goals, and in fact, we are avid weight lifters ourselves!

Naturopathic genetic analysis via your 23&Me profile (add-on)

ANW is excited to announce an optional add-on to our typical program packages, a comprehensive and unique Naturopathic Genetic Analysis. If you have already completed a 23 & Me profile, bring your results to your first consultation and request an analysis be added to your program, or order a kit from and send us your results when you receive them. A genetic analysis of your SNPs, or “single nucleotide polymorphisms,” allow us to see small changes in your genes that may be negatively affecting your health, and make specific recommendations based on your results.

Fitness, nutrition, and health tracking tools

Our comprehensive online integration program allows our clients to sync fitness tracking devices like fitbit and other health devices like blood pressure cuffs, wireless scales, and more. The program also provides detailed dietary tracking, including pictures of each meal. Data is updated in the system in real-time, generating graphs and tracking overall progress so that we can quickly monitor your progress. Helping you to stay accountable is very important to us, and will help you stay motivated and on track.

Sleep optimization

Sleep is as essential to health as diet and exercise. When we are getting quality sleep, multiple body processes function more efficiently and contribute to overall wellness. Many chronically ill clients suffer from poor sleep quality, insomnia, and low energy. We will create a sleep regimen based on light/dark cycles, meditation practices, strategic macronutrient consumption, and targeted nutritional and botanical supplementation.

Targeted nutritional supplementation

In an ideal world, we would get all of the nutrition we need from a balanced diet. While we work to rebuild your nutritional status from the ground up, we may find certain cellular building blocks, like vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and amino acids, require support.  This is where high quality, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplementation comes into play. Our specific recommendations will pave the way to create the conditions for health in your body. Our clients receive access to our personal online supplement store, where our recommendations for you are pre-selected and ready for purchase.

Botanical medicines to speed healing

NDs are trained to use botanicals to alleviate symptoms, speed healing, and create the conditions for health. Botanical medicine recommendations will be made throughout your program to assist your transition to wellness. From anti-inflammatory, pain reducing properties to gut healing, liver health improvement, and immune function boosting, botanicals offer us a safe and natural way to support body systems and improve quality of life.

A wide variety of resources to help you achieve your goals

Whatever you need, we have you covered. From sample grocery shopping lists, to recipes tailored to your specific dietary restrictions, to online support groups and more, we can assist you with day-to-day needs on your journey to vital health.  Whenever you have a question, just ask! We probably have a resource for that. In addition, if we ever feel you need the intervention of a medical specialist in addition to your normal healthcare team, we have a wide network of referrals that we will be happy to provide you with. We are always happy to collaborate with anyone you might have assisting you with your health.

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