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Natural Approaches to Women's Health



Fatigue  -  Headaches
Pain  -  Cramps  -  Acne
Tender Breasts  -  Muscle aches
Bloating  -  Constipation  -  Diarrhea
Mood Changes  -  Depression  -  Irritability
Women are frequently told that these and a variety of other symptoms are “a normal  part of being a woman" and that they “should just learn to deal with it.


Headache  -  Migraine
Night Sweats  -  Insomnia
Low Libido  -  Vaginal Dryness
Hot Flashes  -  Irregular bleeding
Mood Swings  -  Anxiety  -  Irritability 
While every woman experiences these symptoms to some degree while going through menopause, they
should not interfere with your life.
We as naturopathic doctors understand that these symptoms are indicative of an underlying imbalance in the body, and 
not a woman's fate.
This imbalance is likely different in every woman, and our first goal is to determine the root cause of your symptoms through an extensive intake interview.
Common underlying problems:
Hormonal Imbalance  -  Excessive Inflammation  -  Decreased Liver Function
High Stress Lifestyle  -  Nutritional Deficiencies
Once we have determined the reason for your symptoms, we will develop a highly personalized wellness plan to address your individual needs and be there to assist you every step of the way.
Your personalized program
Education about your condition 
Diet and lifestyle coaching
Nutraceutical and/or botanical supplementation
Useful resources and constant support
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